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Default Re: Death Test Mappable?

Originally Posted by Tywyll View Post
I would call leaving out the fact that you have turned a corner a pretty serious omission! Especially since it doesn't clarify distance...are you facing West because you walked around a corner or because the hall dead-ends but has a curtain on its west side?

Descriptively speaking that's pretty awful. Especially if you are running it for other people (which I am doing tonight)!
I hear you, and agree. We fumbled through it quite a bit in the 80's - it's one of the reasons I have trouble playing any numbered-paragraph adventures today.

Here is the link to a DT 1 map that I sketched out a while back, hosted on my Google Drive (I need to set up my own web page one of these days).

It has the rooms with color and the paragraph number of the entry into the room (always from the east - there may be a different text for entry from the west).

This is from the vintage version; I have done a quick check of the room numbers from the new version and they match, so it should be good.

I do NOT have a similar map for DT2.

Hopefully this will help you tonight.
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