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I'm glad that my conversations with you have inspired you to make an awesome thread like this Michael! I am truly humbled.

I can tell you that a little over a month ago, I took a few days to study the rulebook for my copy of Car Wars Classic. My first game was with my mom and brother. We each had a Killer Kart stock car and played Amateur Night in an arena.

The first game was very enjoyable, but slow going and a struggle to get through. It's not that it was difficult to understand or play, it's just the fact that even in the rulebook for Car Wars Classic it seems that anything you can think of doing outside of standard combat is covered somewhere in the rulebook! I love this fact, but with so many modular options and rules for them at ones disposal, it is pretty overwhelming at first glance. The games are a lot smother now. It took a few games to get to that point though.

I could also tell you that one of the things that helped demonstrate how truly simple Car Wars could be to my family was introducing them to Mini Car Wars. That was a great and cheap investment. That served to provide some quick games and ease the process of learning the changes and additional rules available in Car Wars Classic.

What aspects of the game are difficult to me? That would be the detailed and modular rules for virtually anything that me or other players in my games can do at any moment. For example, my car is wreaked and I need to run like hell with my Submachine Gun and hope that I can escape. Can I do that? Yes and here's how. Oh crap, I need to take cover or die, can I do that? Why, yes! Here's how... :D It's a wonderful problem to have though and it never ceases to blow my mind!

What type of games do I like to play most often? Arenas when I have at least two other players and Highway Duels for some nice two player games. I'm looking forward to acquiring and utilizing City Blocks in the future and am very excited by that prospect! Convoy, was amazing as well and I can't wait for my family to be ready to give that another go!

What types of play aids do I need to understand the game better and make it easier to play? Well, I did make blown up photocopies of all the tables and weapon options (both hand and vehicle) in Car Wars Classic. Those are really helpful to me. I would say, probably a condensed page or two explaining all of the possible maneuvers and the difficulties of some of the more complex ones, like a Bootlegger Reverse would be helpful. Also, maybe a nice reference for all the possible targeting modifiers. I recently purchased a PDF of Car Wars Deluxe that had that wonderful Compendium inside and that's been extremely helpful in giving me a great reference to pull up in game!

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