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Default Re: Techno-Sorcery and The Nazis

I think arriving in 1939 is a problem for your time traveller. Assuming he somehow worms his way into the Nazi leadership before May, he still has to build his first computer, and it took the British nearly a year to build Collossus and the Americans three years to build ENIAC. While a time-travelling wizard can probably do a lot to alter Germany's fortunes, the opportunities after 1942 are pretty bad.

So we'll say he arrives in 1934 and manages to amass a fortune by 1937 and build his first machine by 1939 (as well as a gain a sympathetic ear with the Nazi leadership). I think that matches your initial premise better: the time traveller is set and ready to go by 1939. He's got a computer and a Fine Workspace Kit and can crank up Charms to aid the Nazis.

With a base skill of 16, a +2 Kit, and maybe a place of power +1, he's looking at an effective skill of 19 for all his charms. Looking at the table on Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic p 26, his safe threshold is 55 (95% chance of successful casting) and he can go up to about 165 without worrying about blowing up too much (<5% of a big critical failure).

An excellent spell to cast would be Hall of Records (T:RPM p 44): the Nazis can quickly learn the location and condition of all allied units, which should allow them to avoid traps and position their own units very efficiently. Truthteller (T:RPM p51) would let the Nazis question spies and double-agents much more effectively.

I *think* that with 165 energy, you can create a charm to lower the water in the English Channel, or at least the entrance to the Scapa Flow. Invading England will be simplified if the Home Fleet is literally grounded.

Greater Create Crossroads (6, 5 yds Radius +4, Weight 150 tons +7, Duration 3 hours +3, Range 400 miles +34) is 154 energy, and (if I'm reading it right) creates a 9 yd wide portal to location 400 miles away for 3 hours that will transport up to 150 tons at a time. Tobruk to Athens is 400 miles. That should simplify supplying the Africa Korps or again, invading England.

Giving all of Hitler's generals a bonus to Strategy is cheap and straightforward, but I don't know how much it matters. Still, it's an obvious thing to try.

The time-traveller is just barely skilled enough to have a significant strategic impact in a war that really doesn't care about small tactical effects. Intelligence gathering and logistics are probably the biggest wins he has, and he can't do the logistics trick regularly. On the other hand, if at ten key battles he can transport an elite panzer division 50 miles behind enemy lines (after sifting through the Akansic Records to know exactly where the enemy lines are), that's probably enough to conquer North Africa and Russia, at which point it might be possible to negotiate a truce with the US and Britain. If not, well, I don't think he has any tricks up his sleeves to negate the atomic bombs that will be dropped on Germany if they're still in the war in August 1945, and Japan holds out for a few more years before everyone there starves. But his magic is probably really useful for diplomats, so it might just be possible to use some small scale rituals to negotiate that needed truce - and then use Hall of Records to steal the US atomic weapons plans in preparation for a WMD world.
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