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Default Pyramid Support for Ritual Path Magic (and other books)

Ritual Path magic isn't really a "new" system. It first appeared in GURPS Monster Hunters 1: Champions, which meant that authors -- especially Christopher R. Rice (our own Ghostdancer) -- were expanding upon and tweaking the system in Pyramid long before the actual RPM book was released!
  • Pyramid #3/43: Thaumatology III introduced Bottled Magic, an early version of what would eventually become the official RPM alchemy system, with a large handful of sample potions. I could only squeeze one example into the RPM book, so if you like elixirs, you'll appreciate these nine additional ones!
  • Pyramid #3/46: Weird Science has Metatronic Generators, which converts character-point-based enchanted items (such as the ones used in RPM) into a dollar cost, for those who want their magical doodads to be less "an extension of my personal power" and more something easily bought, sold, and traded.
  • Pyramid #3/48: Secret Magic features two useful articles. Magical Tradecraft is a detailed grimoire of RPM spells (and potions) designed for spies, thieves, and anyone else who has to operate undercover -- and Onomancy offers casters a way to accumulate energy passively, merely by living a lie.
  • Pyramid #3/56: Prehistory includes The Old Ways, a large collection of spells aimed at basic survival and shamanistic practices. "Totem" is a favorite of mine! It also gives rules for using Herb Lore to make elixirs, transferring or tattooing charms, and has a neat table for naming trees.
  • Pyramid #3/58: Urban Fantasy II has Hunting the Cabal. The Cabal's practice of true Hermetic magic is supposed to give them an edge over other spellcasters, so this article includes rules for using Ritual Magic (Hermetic), Symbol Drawing, and a host of other methods to grant the Cabalists sizable spellcasting bonuses.
So if you're looking for more RPM in your life, you do have places to turn. :)

Admittedly, I'm a sucker for anyone expanding on the stuff I wrote (it's really awesome to be able to inspire ideas in others!), so I'm asking for honest opinions on the articles above. How useful and well-written were they? This thread is the perfect place to let other RPM fans know which of those Pyramid are must-haves and which aren't. (Also, let me know if I missed any!)

I'd also love to hear about any cases where Pyramid stepped in to support a book that needed it -- and how well it did (or didn't do) so.
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