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Default Re: Real-Life Weirdness

The Kilauea eruption is a fascinating display of raw elemental power that should be inspirational for gaming in many ways. The latest hazard? "Laze," lava haze, caused when lava interacts with seawater. The description is astounding: a mist of hydrochloric acid (with a little hydrofluoric) carrying tiny shards of volcanic glass!

Well that just sounds nasty. Let's make some! It's a big area effect, so how about making it in line with the new spells from GURPS Magic: Artillery spells?

This little magical bauble has the distinction of being an interaction between all four elemental forces: fiery earth hitting seawater and rising up in a cloud in the air. What should be the benefit of that? Let's say that it does its damage in a lot of different ways, so parts of it bypass various defenses.

Laze (VH)
Area; Partially Resisted by DX

Produces a roiling cloud of dangerous gases that attack targets in multiple ways. Anyone in the area suffers multiple types of damage. Few targets will be defended against all of them!

Anyone in the area takes 1d-3 burning damage per second as large area injury. This cannot be blocked or parried, but may be dodged by escaping the area. DR effective against burning attacks will also suffice.

Anyone in the area must roll vs. HT-4 every second to avoid 1d-3 toxic injury. Sealed and Immunity to Poison prevent damage; Resistant to Poison benefits the HT roll. DR does not prevent damage.

Anyone in the area takes 1d-3 cutting damage per second as large-area injury. DR protects normally. However, if the victim inhales the gas (DX roll to begin holding one's breath quickly enough if one does not have Doesn't Breathe or Filter Lungs), ignore DR and treat the damage as being done to the vitals -- specifically, the lungs -- for x3 damage.

The mist produced by this spell obscures vision, for -2 to vision rolls per yard filled with laze between viewer and object.

Duration: 5 seconds
Base cost: 8. Minimum radius 2 yards. Cannot be maintained.
Prerequisites: Magery 4 and Create Acid, Create Fire, and Stench.

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