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Default THS Adventure: Orbital Decay

What are your thoughts on the THS adventure Orbital Decay?

Have you run, or played it?

Do you think it is a good introduction to the THS setting, or is it more of an outlier / one-off?

Would you consider it a:
- Scifi Horror
- Scifi Conspiracy-Horror
- other?

If you are familiar with it -
Would it make a decent Convention Game (i.e., able to be finished in 4 hours)?

Where did your team of PCs start from, to get to Terrell-Dieskau station HEO:
- A L4 or L5 station
- A different HEO station
- Other?

What was the makeup of your PC team?
- Specialties: Shooters, Wire-Rat/Techie, Faceman, Demo, ...?
- Race: baseline human, upgrade, parahuman, ...?
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