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Default Re: Question about Hireling

Originally Posted by Rurik View Post
I have a question about the hireling as well. If a player already has a big two hand item in play and in use, can they equip their hireling with a second big two hand item(player not a dwarf)and receive the modifier? I understand that the card says allows you to do what you normally could not, but I didn't know if that simply applied to class/race restrictions, or something along those lines. Not equipping in a slot already taken.
The Hireling (found in Munchkin and Munchkin 3) carries and uses any one Item for you, Big or Small, Race/Class restricted or not, no matter how many Hands it needs and you have available, or if it takes up a "slot" (e.g., Armor) you are already using. The best way to look at it is a Cheat! card that also gives you a +1 bonus. You can also switch which Item the Hireling is using for you, which you can't do with a Cheat! card.
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