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Default Re: Created Vs. Made

Originally Posted by PenitentDemon View Post
dont forget Created vs born It says clearly that in heaven at least their is at least a mild social disparity, not discrimination as much as many others finding them odd.
Check the APG Errata on that one.

Originally Posted by
Being "born" instead of created from nothingness or found at the top of a Tether is an oddity, but nearly always a trivial one in the minds of other angels.
Choir is influenced by the Choirs (or Bands) of the parent(s), but free will may cause a reliever to fledge differently, or a Superior may choose to make a fledged angel to start with.

That said, I'm sure that there are distinctions in the minds of angels (and demons... probably more, for demons!), but I wouldn't say there'd be anything like a caste/status system just from that. Of course, the God-created are all really freaking old, and most angels would be likely to respect the probable wisdom that accompanies that age. Some Words would be more inclined to formalize that respect, but other Words (*cough*Wind*cough*) might be equally likely to make sure to tweak the nose of such beings now and then, just to keep 'em from fossilizing.

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