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Default Re: Fantasy Setting for GURPS

Originally Posted by trooper6 View Post
Even if we had one hundred adventures published next quarter, none of them might be what some of the posters calling for adventures want.
You are absolutely correct. And your numbered list shows exactly the sort of questions that, in a published adventure, I'd like to have answered right at the beginning, so as I read the adventure I can determine what might need to be changed to fit it into my game.

But step away from the question of whether the published adventure is going to be what I want, or what you want, or what anyone in particular wants. We're not going to get 100. I'll be surprised to see any.

Are any being submitted (either to e23 or Pyramid)?

If not, why aren't folks doing so? Is it just because no one thinks they'll be useful (even though the e23 Wish List specifically mentions that they'd like to see them)? Or, as Bill mentioned, because their scenarios are too firmly anchored in a particular campaign to be easily generalized?
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