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Default Re: Fantasy Setting for GURPS

Originally Posted by trooper6 View Post
Right! There's also Technomancer, Castle Falkenstein, Dungeon Fantasy (which doesn't need more of a setting than "here's a's a dungeon-like cave, here's another's a town), Voodoo, Cabal, Thaumatology: Age of Gold, New Sun--you might even count Planet Krishna and Planet of Adventure.

I'm probably missing stuff.

Why do people complain? .
Well you know when people make that complaint, they don't have 19-21st century Earth in mind. They mean an imaginary swords and sorcery world. Dungeon Fantasy would qualify except for not having a setting.

It's like the word "cinematic". In general use here it does NOT in fact mean roleplaying "The Piano" or similar Oscar-bait, and it doesn't mean roleplaying The Hannah Montana movie either. They have something else in mind.
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