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Could the Japanese effectively offer the Americans their islands as a base from which to attack Pacific Russia? The actual offer wouldn't be much different from what was agreed IRL, to keep the Emperor, maybe not arrest as many wartime leaders, maybe even ask to keep their armed forces - to use against the USSR.

Officially, it would still be "unconditional surrender" to Allied audiences, but privately the Americans wouldn't totally disarm Japan.

This could bring about a second front against the Soviets, American forces that were gearing up to invade Tokyo instead moving on Vladivostok, fighting Korean & Chinese communists.

USSR making it all the way to Gibraltar, through Poland, Germany, France, and Spain seems a stretch - but maybe they had domestic help? There were a lot of French communists who said they'd welcome the Red Army, and the Catalans at least would welcome liberation by their old Russian allies.

Though conquering Gibraltar still seems hard - the Spanish never could in real life, and the British had fortified it greatly during WWII. Maybe just blockade it, bomb it, essentially cripple it - and thus Allied shipping in the Mediterranean.

What was the status of the USSR's Black Sea fleet at this point? Could it have moved into the Mediterranean? There would be the issue of Turkey, which would be terrified by the Soviet advance in Europe and probably jump at the chance to join the Allies.

And the British & Americans would still be in north Africa & Italy. Possibly cut off from the Atlantic, but not directly attacked by the Soviets. Maybe whatever was left of the Italian fascist government in north Italy would try to give themselves over to the Allies, for the Allies to now attack the 'soft underbelly' of the Soviet advance.
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