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Originally Posted by dcarson View Post
How does Stalin take Gibraltar? He'd have to take Spain and that's hard with all the mountains. Franco didn't make a deal with Hitler because he knew that Spain's internal transport net depends on shipping stuff from one port to another and then sending it inland locally via the roads and railroads in that ports connected valleys. Cut off shipping which the UK can easily do and the population runs short on fuel and such fast.

I can see the war in the Pacific being put even more on the backburner but unless Japan makes a offer much better then they were thinking of in our history I don't see it being accepted. By 45 we had already landed in the Philippines and I don't see that being abandoned. Pull some of the subs to hit Soviet coastal shipping in the Baltic, North Sea area maybe. No more operations started with troops maybe so Burma is out. Just keep the subs cutting off all Japanese shipping and keep starving them of resources.
The Soviets plow through Spain, messy, but doable.

Truman in this world isn't willing to back down and leave a totalitarian power intact.
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