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Default Re: Is GURPS good system for cyberpunk

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
A point relevant to cyberpunk is how much gun combat is there going to be? I've played in Shadowrun 3e, SLA Industries and a couple of Dark Heresy campaigns that were cyberpunk-ish. All in their native systems and all did gun combat very badly.

Gurps does gun comabt pretty good. That 1 second Turn that people think is too short for dungeoncrawling is about right for gun combat where the longer Turns found in other systems demand aphysical behavior from guns.
I agree. Guns are quick and potentially very lethal. Of course, one of the advantages of higher TL campaigns is effective body armor that can mitigate some of the lethality.

In order to keep the grittiness of the setting, I would suggest replacing the normal DR with semi-ablative DR equal to 200% of normal DR. A TL9 Heavy Clamshell would go from DR 45 to DR 90(s). It would be able to initially resist heavier weapons, but the cumulative damage would eventually render it useless.
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