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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

GM: “Make a Research roll.”
James: “Three!”
Lux: “James finally figures out how to use Google.”
James: “Apparently, you don’t just keep hitting ‘I feel lucky’ until you find something close.”

GM: “Make a fright check.”
James: “Seven, so, by a lot.”
GM: “The guy’s head splits open and a snake-head comes out.”
James: “Punch to the face—eight, so by nine. Number 34, do not change into a snake, it never helps!” (link to Evil Overlord List.)

(at the end of the previous quoted fight)
James: “Is Maid Knight okay?”
GM: “She’s kinda frozen up.”
James: “I’ll gently shake her. Hey, you gunna be okay?”
Maid Knight: “Eep. Yeah, I think so. Just not gunna watch Harry Potter by myself for a while.”
James: “Yeah, don’t even think about Dreamscape.”
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