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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

From our Teen Supers, New Generation game.

Matt made a comment about having Eidetic memory.
Duke (OOC): "Wow those are traits I wouldn’t want together?"
Matt (OOC): "What?"
Duke (OOC): "Being Rick Moranis as a Teenager and having Eidetic Memory."

Duke and Terry talking during their weight-training class.
Duke: "So, what do you do for fun?"
Terry: "Prove other people wrong."
Duke: "Oh, you play D&D too?"

Rio and Angel decide to go out dancing.
Matt (OOC): "It’s Buffy and Willow."
GM (OOC): "More like Willow and Dark Willow."

Duke is heading home and sees Matt poking around the parking lot.
GM (gesturing toward Matt): "You see this guy looking around."
Rio (OOC): "Searching for a wedgie."
Matt (OOC): "Well said."

Terry was explaining his machine telepathy ability.
Angel: "What, were you bitten by a radioactive microwave?"
Duke: "Can you get Netflix on my phone?"
Terry: "Yeah."
GM (OOC): "Nope! I was wrong." (Duke uses an iPhone 4--he's poor)
Rio (OOC): "Now it's more explosive than a Galaxy S7."

Terry tried to hijack a karaoke machine to search the internet.
Terry: “Nope!” (Rolled 18)
Duke (OOC): “And that’s how Videodrome starts!”

Angel (OOC): “From a distance he looks like a guy in a top hat and fur coat, but it’s really just rats.”

GM: “Apparently, the rats are following the Hercules rules: The less outnumbered they are, the more skilled their opponents are.”

Raven: “I’ll take the bracelet back.”
Renn: “Are you sure you want to do that—you’re a little conspicuous.”
GM (OOC): “Says the guy dressed as an extra from Sweeny Todd.

(Rio and Raven are the same person, just Rio is her normal appearance, and Raven is her Alter Ego.)

Renn: “If you want me to take a look [at your injury] I can. I’m a . . .”
Teo (OOC): “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, last night.”

Raven: “Some of us can talk to animals.”
Duke: “You just keep getting weirder.”

Matt: "What's this obsession with the [broken, antique] mirror?"
Rio: “Because I’m magic, and I’m concerned that the mirror could be cursed.”
GM (OOC?): “Not anymore.”

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