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Default Re: bending stereotypes

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
Avoiding the whole issue of whether that's a good lesson...
Disney is Disney. I'd say that some non-Disney fictions did great with bending Princess tropes. Shrek's Fiona springs to mind. Beauty and the Beast that doesn't castrate the moral in the final act.

It would be a rather hard sell to modern audiences to make subjugation of one's self interest and freedom for the greater good the moral.
Perhaps the fact that it is a hard sell means it should be thought about more. Clearly someone has to do that to have a society and sometimes we all have to. Be that as it may, "be yourself" is an annoyingly simplistic motto.

Aside from that, it would be hard to make a movie if the camera crew is lounging about because that is being themselves.

To be fair, Mulan was protecting her father not being herself.
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