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Default Re: [Mass Combat] Discipline, Law, Order and Preventing Atrocities

Originally Posted by legine View Post
you could make a discplin role for one unit. And modify it by some factors like stress, Combat success, relation role modifiers to the PC and so forth.
Which I will do. But first I need some kind of baseline benchmark for the approximate percentage of soldiers in a low-tech army who will commit atrocities under conditions where it seems fairly likely that he'll get away with them. Once I have settled on a ballpark figure, I can modify it for different units and conditions to taste.

Originally Posted by legine View Post
If you look at current wars, the most civilized people do warcrimes in war for various reason. When Germany Lost WW2 some american soldiers (not many I think 20 000 People died of this todays historican say) took their gun and shootet their captives, just because they could.
Vietnam was even worse.
All evidence suggests that modern first-world armies are nearly unimaginably disciplined, organised, bureaucratic and legalistic compared to any low-TL army. I can easily find papers on the incidence of war crimes in modern wars. I've read a lot of them.

I'm trying to find ballpark figures for TL2 to TL4 wars. And historians at that time rarely recorded facts about the incidence of rape or murders contrary to official policy.
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