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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Shopping guide:

A guide for shopping as a mountain guide is a guide for mountains. Not a booklet but an actual person although often a nominal task. Male Aslan at least in civilized areas are unlike stereotype actually able to survive in a marketplace: they would not be functional if they weren't. While less educated in matters of money and seldom taking on large mercantile tasks they are able to know from street smarts how much a given item should buy or sell for. When they shop however they tend to take along a female relation as a face-saver. If a male Aslan wants something he asks "Can we afford this" and gets a "yes dear" because the male really knows the answer and if he is wrong they will not disagree in public. Any haggling to be done however is done by the female, as it is undignified for a male to haggle at trade (political haggling is different somehow).
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