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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by cptbutton View Post
If a warrior is killed in service, does his contribution stop, continue indefinitely, or continue until the end of his enlistment term or some other endpoint?
You know, I never thought of that, I really should have. I should probably posit that honorable early discharge from inability to serve due to such things as death, wounds, or sickness is equiv to full time served. That would be the honorable thing to do and the practical thing as it would reinforce loyalty. He would also be granted such trophies as are dear to the Aslan heart (for instance stylized weapons or survival equipment and-a local favorite-tickets to exclusive clubs) varying according to the distinction of his service. And of course descriptions of his service on both the clan's and the regiment's (when they are not the same thing), role of honor. One distinction is for territory to be opened early by special decree of the Rajah. Usually it is given to a chief for disposal with the request that it be bestowed on a given warrior. This indirect method is meant to uphold traditional Aslan authority structures. Normally the opening of land around the nucleus settlement of a clan is phased at intervals of enough time for a an Aslan to be born, grow to adulthood, and do military service while land for new immigrants is opened at a slower rate. There have as of yet been three waves of settlement. Intervals between waves are irregular as these depend on ecological surveys of land to be cleared.
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