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Originally Posted by Pursuivant View Post
I've seen variations of the "Base" advantage as well.

They're tricky to figure out since they're potentially an aspect of Status (e.g., ancestral castle) and could easily be a feature of Wealth (e.g., someone else's ancestral castle that you bought). Access to someone else's fancy base is part of the Patron or Ally advantage. In some versions of GURPS Traveller, ownership of a spaceship was also a special form of Wealth.

There are a few cases in literature and fiction where characters of otherwise modest means have access to impressive bases, like some versions of Superman's Fortress of Solitude or Robin Hood or Merlin's cave. In those cases, it would make sense to treat a Base as a special form of Wealth + Patron, perhaps with a serious limitation to Wealth since you can't take your Base with you.
Signature Gear works in some cases. The issue is that for large objects and/or early TLs, it makes things vastly overpriced. For example, at TL3, $1 million in SG (which probably wouldn't even buy you a castle), would cost a whopping 2000 points.
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