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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Independent Income assumes less control that would be the case in personal property.
True, if you see personal property in the light of present-day US laws.
But it's a fantasy world out there.
For instance, maybe the local custom is that you can sell real estate only if you inherited it; if you received it as a gift or if you bought it, you can only bequeath it to your heirs. Or maybe that is not true for most real estate - but it is in some exceptional cases, such as the building in question.

Your alternative proposal makes sense - if the players are willing to sink lots of points in Wealth, and these are "low-point adventurers".

Ditto for the proposal of owning the place like in real life. That's the simplest solution, but you can do that in GURPS only if you are at least Wealthy. Or that's what I think.
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