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Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
As Eveleyeore noted Golems dont have FP so shouldnt be able to cast spells.
This was peripherally addressed in 3e though it was more about computers casting spells.

The first version goibg back to...Robots maybe was to build a special kind of chip called a "mana co-processor". all sorts of exotic ingredients were necessary but the result was a computer with Magery.

A source of energy to cast the spells with was still necessary. Powering the thing with an energy source called a "bio-convertor". The usual forms of this turned living material into mundane energy but an apparently magical version could be used to fuel spells. Related to this concept is what's called a "soulburner" which was about as evil as it sounded like.

In Technomancer though there was a variant of Draw Power that made it possible to power magic items with mundane energy. Usually in very large quantities.

Some of these ideas were elaborated on in Magic Items 3 which had "spell engines".

There are also some 4e ideas about using magic energy in Urban Magic.
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