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Default Re: Weird War II - Avalon?

Originally Posted by Purezebo View Post
Rumors have it Avalon could be somewhere in the Mediterranean, and that's good enough for me.
You might want to consider Lyonesse It's also an occasionally mentioned site for Avalon.

Originally Posted by Purezebo View Post
Now my question, is what should Arthur, or his Knights, or Morgan, have our troop of rugged soldiers do? Obviously it'll take some time for them to figure out where they are, who these weirdos in armor are, etc.
Well, this is where the cultural issues and knowledge of the outside world are a problem. If Arthur and company are still in the mindset of their own period, they are likely to consider aircraft, guns and other advanced technology as dangerous magic, and execute or imprison the PCs.

To maker this playable, they need to have some awareness that a lot of time has passed. that things have changed a lot, and some idea of the general tenor of the modern world.

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