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Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
If, partway through the game, the player mentions their character's red tie for the first time, were they wearing a red tie before then.
Depends on the campaign, but generally speaking, yes - if that's how the player has always assumed their character looks, I'm not going to say "No, that's not the way I thought you character looked, so he/she isn't wearing that." If there was something that happened previously where the red tie would have been important, I'd just retcon things so the character, for whatever reason, either wasn't wearing the red tie or it was concealed when that event happened (say, if the BBEG really hates the color red, and thus would have tried to kill that character, then the last time they had an encounter with said BBEG, the tie was MIA). This is particularly the case if the character description the player gave me in the beginning included the red tie and I just overlooked/forgot about it.

In a campaign where every piece of gear is meticulously tracked, or if the player is clearly just making up the red tie now (presumably for some benefit), then no, the character wasn't wearing the red tie before then... and also isn't wearing it now, unless they just acquired and put one on during play.
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