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Default Re: Was GURPS Autoduel a big thing?

Thanks for the replies. I bring this up because often I've found myself getting inspired to write material for Traveller, but even though I love Car Wars just as much, I don't get the hankering' to write RP material for it at least not in the last twenty five years or so.

I think part of it is that, from my perspective, games like SFB and Traveller have a huge expanse and "blank sheet of paper" for which you can add stuff for your PCs and starship crews to face. But the AADA travel guides seemed to steal a lot thunder in that regard.

I don't know. I love CW, but just never got into GURPS Autoduel for whatever reason. I was wondering if it was a trend or if my groups were just strange in that we never dabbled with it.
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