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Default Re: Segmented Plate - Pyramid Low Tech II what am I missing?

Originally Posted by Kax View Post
I'll add a couple of points on different armours taht I dn't think are all covered in existing rules:

Chain is tiring to wear because all, or almost all, of the weight is on your shoulders, not distributed. This, IIRC, is covered in RAW. However, it doesn't require the metalworking resources (equipment and people) that plate of any kind does.
I think it's almost the opposite. A tight belt relieves much of the shoulder strain for a full mail hauberk. Ancient people had a lot not-obvious-to-us tricks.

And that getting uniform quality steel for drawing wire isn't as forgiving as low grade steel for plate. I wonder if making cheap mail unavailable compared to cheap segmented plate may help the price and desirability some for outfitting armies like said Romans.
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