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Default Re: Segmented Plate - Pyramid Low Tech II what am I missing?

Originally Posted by chandley View Post
That article is one of three armor design rule articles that unifies armor design from TL 0 to TL 12. It does not start with the same kinds of assumptions that Low-Tech does. I like the 3 systems because it avoids the Low-tech to High-tech Steel DR weirdness (try figuring out a good armor choice for AtE using Low-tech, High-Tech, and Ultra-Tech....). I use it for my DF campaign, but I don't let players build armor, I built sets that are available, and they choose from what the blacksmith they are at has available or can make to order.

That said, the Segmented Plate option doesn't have a home really. If you have Iron or Steel, scale or mail options are better choices from TL 1-3. [B}If you have Bronze, Plate is the better option[/B]. It is meant to represent historical options for plate made from smaller plates, and about the only niche would be resisting crushing damage with cheaper Good Iron in the TL 1-3 range rather than very expensive Good Bronze. I skipped it, and I think OP, you should too, or redo the seg plate cost factor to represent its role in the market.

David is on the boards, you could try a PM to him, see what his intentions were.

Just quickly on the bit in bold, I'd probably adjust the construction table ‡ note on pg19 of the article on plate to be TL3 not TL4.

But I would also use the rules for sliding rivets from LT, and take in account the notes on pg 108 LT regarding TL3 plate in general*. The thing is TL3 at 600 AD - 1450 AD covers a lot of history! I'd take an individual view on different plate designs on different locations. LT Armour loadouts certainly has some examples at TL3 e.g the Chevalier Corselet which at DR5 and 32lbs is heavy. But as per the point regarding broad TL's that is late TL3.

As a general point given the broadness of early TLs as historical ranges I tend not to get too precise with them as hard and fast categories and cut offs. Even more so when mapping them to non historical settings. And as ever TL's don't crossover in all areas of technology, everywhere at exactly the same time anyway!

*for example I might increase the CW figure for Iron/steel TL3 plate

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