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Default Re: [Magic; Spaceships] Power Mad

I don't have anything useful to add; I only wanted to mention that this reminds me of the old Parker Brothers board game Shadowlord!

"Once, a great man ruled the galaxies of the Universe. They called him the Starlord. He was very wise, very good, and very powerful. He could move planets with a point of his finger; build space ships out of stardust blown from his hand; toss enemies aside with a simple thought. His power was supreme, yet always there was justice."

The players are the Star Masters, the children of the Star Lord. After the Star Lord dies and the Shadows steal the Power Stone and conquer the Universe, they rediscover how to build space ships and begin traveling through the galaxies again, searching for allies. It's a very '80s cross between Star Wars and The Dark Crystal.
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