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Default Re: GURPS Hermeneutics

- GURPS' ruleset tends to revolve around more social mechanics and character-defining traits than some newcomers expect. Adventures such as "Caravan to Ein Arris" reflect such an emphasis on non-combat encounters. As a result, a character sheet aims to be descriptive as well as featured, to the point where players are encouraged to write a summary about their characters before committing them to point values.

- Research is primarily derived from 20th century adventure fiction and "deeper cut" examples from genres that may be unfamiliar to modern audiences. This is done in the interest of promoting a stronger knowledge of foundational tropes in storytelling so that GMs have a powerful toolset for creating adventures. The intent is game design-specific as well as educational, which is why you're as likely to see The Scarlet Pimpernel referenced as Firefly or Mass Effect.
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