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Default Re: Shotgun - Choke / Scattering?

Originally Posted by OldSam View Post
If default for shotguns is that choke is open, then I wonder where are rules for the scattering-effect? Or is it really assumed that there is no significant spread at all?

Anybody knows how the official perspective is on this?
Not official, but I assume that there is no effective scattering.

That Wikipedia 59 inches at 40 yards sounds a little large for buckshot. It's less than 2 full hexes coverage anyway. It's also -8 to hit and right at the 1/2D limit.

If you really, really had to have rules for shotguns at that distance you could adapt the Suppressive Fire rules and call it 9 or less to hit anybody in the area (though probably only once).

I'd say that the whole thing wasn't worth the trouble.
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