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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Originally Posted by Taellosse
Sweet! I've been manually doing this by editing the sheet lately. I vote this option also be added to other things. I have taken to putting my character portrait on page two, for example, because, along with the above, it winds up reducing the final printout by a whole page.
Hmm. Well, I do plan on making the sheet more or less sortable with regards to the order in which sections print, eventually. I'm mostly waiting on the List type options to debut first. In the meantime, I do have a FlexSheet variant that swaps the column positions of the stat sections and the image section, as an option, so it shouldn't be difficult to make an option that shunts it to page 2.

Since we're talking about this.... Which column do you normally add the image section to on page 2? Do you just drop it into the same position as on page 1, column 2 top, or something else?
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