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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

Originally Posted by demonsbane View Post
I'm mentioning it because at least implies a difference.

Yes, liches and zombies are undead, evil, and still are different monsters. But things aren't the same for demons or devils despite the variations of the subject.

Some posts ago you mentioned mythological sources, and part of my point is that they make no distinction between fallen angels becoming demons, and inborn demons (*). The divine spark is the same (but it can be entirely missing if you take dualism, or "maltheism", instead).

Sometimes the corruption of the falling angels (an ontological change of state) is portrayed without any other birth, just like a man turning into a werewolf, but if you take into account broader perspectives with transmigration, angels becoming demons involve new & different demonic births.

Of course, you say that a distinction like the one you're pointing at could be interesting, and it's your preference, which as you know, is ok for your role-playing games. But you want the GURPS DF sub-line or the DFRPG to assume it, which is a different thing.

(*) If according to this or that culture they are called demons, asuras, rakshasas, titans, giants, etc., it makes no practical difference here. Even if many RPGs make entirely different creatures just from the different names:

Sometimes intermediary spirits, like yakshas, yokai, certain ghosts, can be called demons or be covered with ambiguities, but at this fundamental level things are clear.
You can say the same thing about goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears, ogres and trolls. You could just call them all trolls or whatever but it would be less interesting IMO.

A difference between a fallen angel and an inborn demon might be that the fallen angel has traits and abilities the the ruling gods have while the inborn demons might be more monstrous or beastial.
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