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Default Re: The 2019 Digital W23 Speculation and Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
I view my role as co-author and line editor. Iíve got Nordlond in my head and a vision for the world. Each author brings a unique perspective and I leaven with the high level perspective.
Sounds good to me. Shared universes need a good coordinator to keep things feeling consistent and meshing well. Also you having additional authors likely means faster output, which is good for GURPS!
Also it looks like GURPS has strong competition from TFT which launched its latest kickstarter today.

Looks like 2019 will be the Year of Adventures!

A lot of people ask for adventures and they are on the W23 wishlist but wiling authors has been a roadblock. So hopefully there is a strong market, especially in this time where it seems so few have free time.

Another thing people complain about is the lack of settings, they are wrong of course (GURPS book page has no setting category, so I made one) and what they really mean is not a setting that appeals to their specific desires.
So maybe Douglas Cole you could write up a setting book? At least an outline with maps. history and culture? Might be more fun for people to find out piecemeal but its a thought.
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