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Another article, which I hope will be of interest:

On the 'Lantern Corps' NGOs

Depending on how you look at it, there are either several connected Lantern-based Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), or one large NGO with overlapping subdivisions, seven of which are divided by ring-colour. Not all who have and use a power ring are members of these NGOs (indeed, the majority aren't), and fairly few who do join, are full-time employees: Many are police officers, paramedics, firefighters, search-and-rescue workers, soldiers, and so forth, and many more have far less daring jobs, like accountants, programmers, janitors, plumbers, or enchanters. Some are also members of a local chapter of the Justice League, as the two groups overlap significantly, and redundant training can be skipped, as grades are shared. Many are even liaisons with local branches of the Avengers, X-Men, Jedi, Star Fleet Security, or other such groups.

The Lantern Corps are organized into local Sectors, which may have anywhere from a single member (usually a Green), to more than 30 (e.g. Sector 2814 contains New York City, and has 32 active Lanterns of various colours, 17 of them Green - unfortunately, NYC also has a disturbing number of criminals and supervillains, though at least they can't cause nearly the death-toll or property damage the ones in the comics do... of course, most of those Lanterns are about as dangerous as a SWAT-armoured flying person with a taser/multitool), depending on population density, number of Lanterns already living there (or willing to move there), number of other superheroes in the area, and how friendly or unfriendly the local government is to Lanterns, and powered people in general - they are trained to work with the police, and thus are not assigned where they're not wanted, unless the State or Federal government (or equivalent outside the USA) tells the local police to accept them - it is a great understatement that the latter causes much resentment, on the rare occasions that it happens.

The various Corps have many non-Lantern administrators, clerical workers, and what might best be called 'handlers', even if more innocuous terms are preferred - in some cases, the handlers are Lanterns, themselves, usually Green, Blue, or sometimes Indigo.

* Red Lantern Corps (aka Red Lanterns, Rage Lanterns, Psycho Lanterns): Those in the thrall of the Red Light of Rage range from feral, near-mindless brutes vomiting forth blood-like ectoplasm, to very angry but otherwise sane folks, to eerily serene individuals that you wouldn't know are angry at all, if you didn't see them using a power that depends on it. Unfortunately, the press tends to report the ferals far more often than any other type, despite the middle group being the most common.

Feral Reds tend to be short-lived unless mind controlled, both because they have no concept of stealth, long-term strategy, or even tactics (indeed, few can even make constructs, instead using the ring to increase their strength and durability, and either fighting hand-to-hand, or burning targets with their ectoplasm), and because they are dependent on their rings to survive at all, as the ring destroys the wearer's heart, replacing it with an automatic construct. Most methods of neutralizing the Red ring have a high probability to near-complete certainty of shutting down that construct, requiring a replacement heart immediately.

One rare variant of feral Red Lantern that is growing more common, is the cyclical feral, or 'were-feral'. These Reds appear normal (if irritable) most of the time, showing no signs of being Red Lanterns, as the ring makes itself undetectable, sometimes hiding within the heart-construct, or abandoning its original fetish entirely, to embed itself in a tattoo, scar, or other mark on or in the host. They transform into Red Lanterns (often with a change in appearance) at some trigger, such as the full moon, night fall, midnight, or after the host gets angry enough, and then hide and revert to normal once the stimulus, or sufficient time, has passed. Such hosts often have no idea that they are now a Red Lantern, until they transform, and sometimes not even then, as many do not remember anything that occurred in that state.

The non-feral Reds are quite different, in that they rarely have the heart replaced, are able to create constructs, and mostly qualify as sapient and legally sane. Many join the Corps for the anger-management therapy, and for the healthy outlet of the rage they carry within them. They often find the use of the ring cathartic.

Despite the jokes, the Red Lantern Corps does not use any form of old Soviet ranking system, though some of the snarkier ones do call their non-Red (and sometimes non-Lantern) handlers 'commissars', with varying degrees of respect.

Most Red rings are capable of detecting and encouraging rage in the hearts of others, and even lending some power to those on the grip of great anger and hatred.

Red rings can be disrupted by the Blue Light of Hope, which can relatively easily destroy their constructs and other effects, or even shut the ring down, completely (this weakness varies from ring to ring, or sometimes from wielder to wielder, and is sometimes an advantage for specific Blue rings, as well). The latter is lethal for ferals, of course. Many feral Reds, and some non-ferals, are unable to use their rings while feeling Love, and may even be completely rejected by them, if the Love is strong enough, or a Star Sapphire is working to empower that feeling.

Some Red rings cannot affect anything coloured Blue, or have difficulty doing so without the wielder performing some variety of mental gymnastics (which is especially difficult when enraged). Others, especially those worn by the 'were-ferals', have a similar difficulty with anything made of silver (including alloys of more than 50% silver). None have more than one colour/material of weakness, if they have any at all.

* Orange Lantern Corps (aka Greedy Bastard Corps, Agents Orange, Orange Lanterns): Least organized of the Lantern NGOs, and also, Corps with the lowest ratio of members to Ringwielders of that colour. Those chosen by the Orange Light of Avarice are of a selfish nature, and often feel they can make more money as thieves or mercenaries, or other such careers, than as part of a group (that they aren't in charge of). Also, Orange Ring-spirits are themselves selfish, and urge their wielders to take the rings of other Orange Lanterns (or other Lanterns in general, even if they can't use them) for themselves, or drain energy from them. This is much more difficult with the Rings of other colours than with Orange rings - an Orange ring simply goes to the one who wants it the most, whereas the other rings require twice as much Greed as the opposing user has Will, Rage, et cetra. Blue rings and Star Sapphire rings can neither be drained nor stolen, in this manner.

Saner, or more personable, Orange Lanterns are able to accept the needs of others as part of their own, because these people are their family, their friends, and/or their teammates, or even their nation. Even they can be more than a little 'off', though.

With the application of sufficient Avarice, an Orange Lantern Ring can bind a spirit to the user's (or the ring-spirit's) service, effectively turning the spirit into a sentient (and possibly somewhat sapient) construct. In theory, an Orange ring can also enslave a living being in this manner, though no Orange Lantern has demonstrated the ability to accomplish this.

Some Orange rings cannot effect anything coloured Blue, or have difficulty doing so without the wielder performing some variety of mental gymnastics. Like Red rings, most Orange rings are vulnerable to the Blue Light of Hope, which can disrupt their constructs - and the Orange rings and ring-spirits, themselves - more easily than other Lights, especially when combined with Green or Violet. This can even set free beings who have been Assimilated.

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