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Default Re: Do Blacksmith and Machinist exist side by side in TL8 industry?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Unless players are likely to try to do the same thing, it probably doesn't matter. Just define his real-world skill set and don't worry about what GURPS would call it (or just give him a Profession).
Players, being players, might very well try something similar at some point.

Also, I don't really have the knowledge required to define real-world skill-sets as they relate to steelworking, welding, engineering or a myriad of related fields. Which is why I'm asking fellow forumites. And GURPS rules give us a shared frame of reference. If necessary, experts can explain how reality varies from GURPS rules and I can decide whether this needs modelling, but at least we're speaking the same language, without having to begin with days of defining terms.

GURPS rules are specifically useful to this discussion as it relates to defaults. I don't expect that Raul Vargas, El Jefe of the Caballeros Templarios cartel, can just call up someone with Professional Skill (Making TL8 Plate Harness). He'll find it difficult enough to find people who have skill sets who'll provide good defaults to the skills he really needs, Armoury (Body Armour)/TL8, Engineering (Armour)/TL8 and Metallurgy/TL8.

Considering and discussing what kind of skill-sets are necessary, as well as where Vargas would plausibly recruit people with these skills, is helping me come up with NPCs who might be living at Vargas' hacienda if the PCs visit it (likely), as well as guidelines on who among Vargas' people might have skills that are useful for armouring trucks as 'monstruo' (cartel tanks / APCs), who might only work on his hobby project for a personal dream armour, 'Project Black Knight', and who might have skills valuable to both the boss man's toy and the actual operations of their fleet of vehicles.
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