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Default Re: Do Blacksmith and Machinist exist side by side in TL8 industry?

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Ok, so Vargas would not need to look for anyone with Blacksmith/TL8 for any conceivable purpose?
No, it's just Armoury (Body Armour).

All the research, design and construction of his dream armour of late TL8 materials black and intimidating full plate harness can be done without relying on Blacksmith skill rolls?
At TL8, Yes. And even at TL4.

Both of them, plus the unnamed Texan (who is a machinist-fabricator and also a custom-knife maker who makes a lot of other, decorative, things out of metal, using whatever tools make the most sense for a struggling craftsman), and anyone else working at this, will have been trying to develop Engineer (Armour)/TL8, maybe with an optional specialisation in metallic or rigid armour for Vyacheslav and maybe others. Metallurgy is also something everyone would have been raising from default, but here it is plausible that they have access to at least a grad student or two studying the field, perhaps someone Vargas plucked from the ranks of drug dealers, lookouts or sicarios and sent to college to learn how to be an assistant to 'Caló' Renteria.
These guys would be, in my game, just Contacts (Body Armor).
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