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Default Re: Do Blacksmith and Machinist exist side by side in TL8 industry?

Originally Posted by safisher View Post
My view is that Blacksmith is exactly what it always is -- using hand tools and a forge to hammer metal. You might include some incidental use of cutting torches, grinders, etc., at higher TLs, but a specialist in making complex metal parts is going to use more complex and extensive use of those tools -- Machinist, Armoury, etc. People often send me pictures of "blacksmith" work and I look at it and immediately say "that's pretty, but that's a welder's work." Not the same thing as smithing.
Ok, so Vargas would not need to look for anyone with Blacksmith/TL8 for any conceivable purpose?

All the research, design and construction of his dream armour of late TL8 materials black and intimidating full plate harness can be done without relying on Blacksmith skill rolls?

Vyacheslav would have Armoury (Body Armour) at whatever TL you learn it to make reproduction TL4 armour in a TL7 to TL8 smithy (most methods are the same, but there are some higher TL tools). He's also have some Blacksmith/TL4 but we're not expecting that to matter much.

Carlos 'Caló' Renteria is a mechanical engineer who used to work for someone like Ford or GM in Mexico. He'll have the skills appropriate for designing, setting up and managing assembly lines for making automobiles, for training local mechanics in maintaining their cars, for designing regional variations of car models, and, after some six years working for a drug cartel, he's also learned how do set up and manage facilities for customising vehicles to function as armoured troop carriers and many other things.

In GURPS terms, various Engineer specialties (Mechanical and Automobiles being highest), Machinist (he's hands on) and Mechanic (Automobiles). Some Metallurgy, perhaps with an optional specialisation in steel alloys or otherwise reflecting that he will be much better informed about the materials (steel and aluminum, AFAIK) most automobiles are constructed with than he'd be at identifying, making or designing exotic alloys of precious metals for jewelry, titanium for aerospace applications, whatever metals are used in musical instruments, etc.

Caló has also added Armoury (Vehicle Armour) and has spent some years (extremely part time) trying to raise Armoury (Body Armour) from default without a teacher.

Both of them, plus the unnamed Texan (who is a machinist-fabricator and also a custom-knife maker who makes a lot of other, decorative, things out of metal, using whatever tools make the most sense for a struggling craftsman), and anyone else working at this, will have been trying to develop Engineer (Armour)/TL8, maybe with an optional specialisation in metallic or rigid armour for Vyacheslav and maybe others. Metallurgy is also something everyone would have been raising from default, but here it is plausible that they have access to at least a grad student or two studying the field, perhaps someone Vargas plucked from the ranks of drug dealers, lookouts or sicarios and sent to college to learn how to be an assistant to 'Caló' Renteria.
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