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Default Re: Do Blacksmith and Machinist exist side by side in TL8 industry?

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Either Machinist does everything at TL6+ that Blacksmith did at TL5 or lower, with Blacksmith TL6+ being relegated to hobbyists and people who make a living by being better than hobbyists at doing the same thing, or Blacksmith and Machinist both exist at TL8, covering different trades.
My view is that Blacksmith is exactly what it always is -- using hand tools and a forge to hammer metal. You might include some incidental use of cutting torches, grinders, etc., at higher TLs, but a specialist in making complex metal parts is going to use more complex and extensive use of those tools -- Machinist, Armoury, etc. People often send me pictures of "blacksmith" work and I look at it and immediately say "that's pretty, but that's a welder's work." Not the same thing as smithing.
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