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Default Re: Combat Reflexes without defense bonus

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
That's why you armour up. And yes there are settings where it's impossible to wear enough armour that you can live through the couple of seconds it takes to get your act together but there are also settings where it isn't.
True, I suppose.

I've played very few straight historical campaigns without firearms or explosives. And those I have played have rarely featured PCs who owned a full harness of plate armour, let alone wore it when patrolling or scouting. So an ambush by, say a merry band of rebels, led by an outcast master of the hunt and comprising a lot of poachers, would still be a threat to them in their hunting gear or light scouting armour, as their necks and faces would generally be unprotected, and there would be weak points or gaps at the groin, thigh (artery) and probably a number of other places.
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