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Default Re: Combat Reflexes without defense bonus

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Whereas I will make a combat character without combat reflexes if it is, for example a huge strength and durability bruiser designed to soak damage instead of avoid it. +1 to your dodge isn't worth much if your base is low enough it's not even worth drying. You might be better off armouring up and all out attacking.
This only applies in campaigns where dying or at least being icapaciitated with wounds during the time you are 'frozen' in a surprise situation is not a real threat.

Which I understand might apply in cinematic settings, being sort of a Rule 0 corollary to the Unarmed Combat Melee Etiquette. "We, the the mooks, shall not set ambushes and if we find ourselves surprising the PCs, our initial salvo of attacks shall never be the kind of massive firepower that professional soldiers lay down to take advantage of being inside the OpFor OODA loop."
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