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Session 1 (2018-10-20):

Report: May 13th

Hi! My name is Maystatea Viashniskaya. Thatís quite a mouthful, I know, but you can call me by my stage name, if you wish Ė everyone else does. Does the name Mattea Vishi ring any bells? Ah, yes, I thought I could spot the recognition in your eyes as I walked into your little bakery. I see there arenít that many customers here this early in the morning; maybe you have the time for a private conversation concerning a mutual acquaintance of ours back east? Oh, by the way, Iíd like four of those delicious-looking wheat buns to go, please. Seven copper pieces? Sure, here you are!

Ok, now that we are alone, I can tell you why Iím here. As you may know, I arrived here in the New World the winter before last, having spent nearly two months aboard a ship, and started touring with other entertainers that spring. Unfortunately, things didnít quite work out, so everyone in the troupe went their separate ways after a few months. Since then, my companion Olivia and I have been travelling from village to village. She keeps an eye on things while I dance or perform acrobatics, and whisks me away before anyone else can.

But I digress. We met a gentleman a few weeks ago, a Virendia government official, as we were slowly making our way westward from Surd. He told us that things werenít all right out here on the western frontier. Well, we kind of knew that already. Donít travel alone. Donít go out at night. That seems to be the theme of the rural parts of the New World.

Well, the gentleman asked us, since we were coming this way anyway, if we could keep our eyes and ears open, and report anything unnatural or out of the ordinary. So thatís why Iím here. He told me to report to you. I suppose you will forward the reports. I got an impression that these activities should be kept on the down-low, for our safety and yours, so before I go, Iíll tousle my hair a bit. That should do the trick. For some reason, I seem to acquire a reputation as a light-skirt whenever I stay for long in one place. Some women resent my good looks and start telling tales, I guess.

I donít really have anything to report today, as we just stepped off the river barge yesterday afternoon. Olivia and I brought our horses Lightfoot and Snowflake and our luggage to the finest inn in town, where I made a deal with the innkeeper that weíd get free room and board as long as I make an appearance now and then. I think Olivia and I will spend the day exploring the town and maybe get in a training session on the tightrope before we return to the inn.
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