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Default Warehouse 23 Updates

This thread is to track and announce new features, bug fixes, and over all improvements of the store. So, please keep conversation to a minimum.

As a reminder -- if you do find a bug, please submit them to our bug reporting system.

New Feature
  • You can now download your digital files directly from your order page. (After confirmation.) You can also go into your past orders, and download the files there.

  • No download link with free orders -- If you purchased a free download like Munchkin Thingies, there was a glitch that was not creating the links for downloads. This is now working properly. Please note, this was only a glitch between the times of April 8th 4pm Central to April 9th 12pm Central.

  • For now we have removed pagination on the the "My Downloads" page. What's this mean? It means all of your downloads can be found on one page.
  • We have also removed the ability to rate your products from this page. This is a temporary measure while we work on speeding things up further.
  • Sorting your downloads by name and order number has also been added.

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