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Independent Income assumes less control that would be the case in personal property. If you want an apartment building though, you can purchase it as assets with the money from your Wealth. In GURPS terms, apartment buildings probably cost (Cost of Living of Status Number of Units 60) and require (Cost of Living of Status Number of Units x 0.1) for operations every month. Since Cost of Living of Status is probably 50% rent, the gross income expected is (Cost of Living of Status Number of Units 0.4). If you are financing, gross income likely drops by (Cost of Living of Status x Number of Units 0.4 Percentage Financing).

So, a 100 single unit Status 0 apartment building (assuming one Status 0 income per apartment) would have a total cost of ($600 100 60 = $3.6 million). It would generate $30,000 per month of revenue and cost $6,000 per month for operations, leaving $24,000 per month before financing costs. Financing such an endeavor would cost $19,200 per month, assuming 20% down and a 30 year loan at 4%.

So, let us say that a character with Multimillionaire 2 decides to purchase an apartment building with 75% of their assests (60% of their starting money). With $120 million down, they could make 20% down on $600 million of apartment buildings, around 15,000 Status 0 single apartments (or lesser numbers of family units). After costs and financing, they would earn $720,000 per month, a 7.2% return, though their money is locked up for 30 years in an immovable asset. Remember, these are GURPS $, so multiply by 2 for 2019 equivalents.
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