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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders 2007

Originally Posted by jspade
I'm also oddly pleased to see GURPS support shifting toward e23;
I'm not. I like paper. But, of course, if that's what the economics of the situation and the availability of labor dictate, I can live with it.

Originally Posted by jspade
As far as digital games go, I'm not sorry to you stop making such an effort in that area. Frankly, there are plenty of publishers who do the digital side of things adequately well. I think e23 plays to your strengths, excellent writing and game design, and doesn't require developing new expertise.
Here, I agree. I gather that electronic games are, generally speaking, expensive and time-consuming to write and risky to market. And, on a more selfish basis, I don't go in for computer games. I'd much rather see that effort going into things I do play, which means just about everything else SJ Games has published except In Nomine. Now if only the odds were better of getting Car Wars back out there...
I've been making pointlessly shiny things, and I've got some gaming-related stuff as well as 3d printing designs.

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