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per Kromm :

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ST 0 means you have Basic Lift 0 and can pick up nothing. If you have any encumbrance at all, even a gum wrapper, you collapse under its weight. You also have 0 damage, and can't even shove a door open or push aside a cobweb. However, you can walk and act, as long as your walking and acting doesn't involve doing anything other than moving your own body weight from A to B. Thus, air and fire elementals (p. B262) can have ST 0 without being immobilized, but can also be kept out by any barrier they can't penetrate by seeping around or burning.
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Lowering ST itself doesn't lower HP; see Temporary Attribute Penalties (p. B421). If somebody has ST 100 and HP 100, and you drop her ST to 0, she still has HP 100 and full structural itegrity, and can still move the mass represented by that HP 100. To afflict somebody with the inability to move her own body, tack on the Paralysis enhancement. That will do the job all on its own . . . but if it's important, add a ST penalty, too. If you want it to be really dire -- with crushed lungs, burst heart, etc. -- link this to a grievous Crushing Attack with Malediction, and blast away the HP that go with "internal ST."
Hope this help.

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