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I'm just trying to figure out the cost of disadvantages like "-1 to all attributes during daylight" (magical goblins, for example) and "+1 to all attributes under full moon" (færie creatures, say). Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I didn't see an exact fit in the rules or the fora so I figured it wouldn't hurt to clarify.

The second seems fairly straightforward - it would be (10+20+20+10) * 60% accessibility for 36 points total, right?.
About. But -40% is the wrong accessibility for daylight. Only in daylight is normally -20%, but to balance disadvantages against buying your scores down by 1 and taking the inverse (+1 not in daylight) you need to add 60% to any limitation. So as a disadvantage limitation "only in daylight" goes from -20% to -80%, making this a worth 60 (-80%) = a -12 point disadvantage.

As for the first, does it make the most sense to compute the cost as if the penalty condition is the baseline? Essentially, then, it would be -1 to all attributes (-60 points) and +1 to all attributes at night (60 * 80% = 48 points) for a total of -12
Yes this is the correct approach. Same thing I did above really.

You cannot apply limitations to disadvantages without adjusting the costs. The [reason] Accessible doesn't scale with the amount of the time the advantage functions is you are assumed to seek out conditions where it works, but you would avoid conditions a disadvantage hurts you. Adding that extra 60% to the limitation, and remembering that the -80% cap does not apply to disadvantages, with enough limitations can and should be worth -0 points, usually works pretty well.
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