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Default Drain Strength Transfer spell

Here is a

IQ = 14
Drain Strength Transfer (S):

Similar to Drain Strength spell (ITL p 24) , but lets wizard drain life force from others (humans or humanoids only) to
  • replace lost fatigue or exhaustion for himself or human (oid) friends
  • or other beings
  • or place the mana in things (like staffs or powerstones).

If the wizard critically fails his DX roll on this one, the wizard suffers TFT Magic Backlash (TFT Companion p 21).

It is the same as Drain Strength spell except for the words in red.

Wizard cannot use this spell to drain mana out of an object.

By the way, in Drain Strength spell, it says it is a Special Spell.

My interpretation of Special Spell (ITL p140) says treat range as Thrown spell with corresponding DX adjustments.

So you can do this remotely. Wizard Joe can drain Sam who is two hexes away(-2DX) . Wizard Joe could also drain Sam who is two hexes away (-2DX) and put it into Burt who is three hexes away.
So laying on of hands (0 hexes away and thus no DX penalty) is best.
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