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Default Re: Disguising a weapon as a toy

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post

No, it's real. I remember it starting back in the mid '90s. The earliest news report I can find though is from 2006 and that's about Mayor Bloomberg fighting with a gun manufacturer that was deliberately painting handguns to look like fakes. So if a gun manufacturer was getting in on the action, you know the idea had been kicking around for awhile.
The hypebole is inaccurate, Lauer gun colorings kits are not intended to look like "fakes", but to provide color options for a firearm as well as a protective finish. Initially it started out as a way to make high visibility firearms that could be easily identified by range officers, and then people started getting a bit wild with making all sorts of aesthetic decisions: I have a friend whose AR-15 is called "deadpool" and has a black and red coloring scheme reminiscent of the marvel superhero Deadpool.

Painting an AR-15 a bright neon color doesn't make it look like a "not-ar 15" at all.
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