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Default Re: [Basic] Frustrated by Tentacles

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Sorry, but that is still +8 to grapples or four extra parries a turn or two shields and two two-handed weapons for 60 CP (assuming Extra Arm 4 (Extra-Flexible, +50%)). Extra Arms is well worth the points for the extra four parries and/or blocks per turn. This is especially useful when you consider that the character could use a polearm and four medium shield simultaneously.
Yes, if you spend 60 points on four extra arms with extra-flexible you gain a huge advantage in combat, whether when striking or dueling. My objection is that an cephalopod with 6 limbs shouldn't be spending 60 points, and shouldn't have the awesome advantages you outline above. Not unless you're treating tentacles cinematically.
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