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Default Re: [Basic] Frustrated by Tentacles

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Tentacles are useful though, giving a +3 to grappling for each tentacle and allowing for use of multiple one-handed and two-handed weapons. A race with four extra tentacles could weld two polearms, two shields, and would gain a +12 to grappling, which is worth 60 CP. With two medium shields and two polearms, the character could attack every turn with a polearms and block two attacks per turn without penalty. Oh, and Brawling, Boxing, Judo, and Karate give one parry per arm, so martial artist could parry six attacks per turn without penalty.
If the tentacle has the range of motion, leverage, strength and reach to wield those weapons and shields. Its my judgement that realistic tentacles generally don't have those qualities. Cinematic tentacles are a different matter, but you should be prepared to pay for such limbs if you're allowed to use each one as a full arm. And your GM should be prepared to let you have those full abilities.

As a note, each extra arm is +2 to all grappling, not +3. The +3 only applies to the grappler with the most limbs when a pin is attempted.
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